Where to eat in Murcia capital: restaurants and more

We have to confess that we knew very little about the typical gastronomy of Murcia when we visited the city. Days before I asked a Murcian friend about the typical dishes par excellence and his answer, vegetables, did not leave me very satisfied – I am not at all a lover of green at the table. But, as you know me, he also dropped some meat dish… We already had an idea of what to eat, but we lacked to know where to eat in Murcia.

Bonache’s meatloaf

To the “rescue” came the Michelin Guide and the Repsol Guide, there are a few recommended restaurants in the Murcian capital. Of those in which to eat very well without leaving an eye of the face. Tradition remained to be found. And that one came from the hand of our guide. Between visits, we asked him about the classic places to eat in Murcia and appeared the restaurants and the Patisseries of a lifetime. Eye, that the pastry shops in Murcia are not only sweets.

Get ready for a feast. And you can not travel to the city without enjoying the experience of eating in Murcia.


We already warn you that you are going to eat beyond your means because everything is exquisite. But, in order not to return home with several extra kilos, take a tour of our article What to see in Murcia and prepare your trip to burn a few calories.

What to eat in Murcia

The Murcian orchard is famous throughout Spain and, if you like vegetables, you will be in the perfect place to enjoy them. In my case, little lover of vegetables, I confess that the closest I came to them was with the Zarangollo. And, what is zarangollo, besides a typical dish of Murcia? Well, a scrambled egg with zucchini, onion and potato – the potato is optional, but we try it with it. With so much company, I have to say that even I enjoyed it. And, with or without vegetables, you also have to try the Rice.

Where to eat in Murcia Restaurant Alborada Arroz Banda
Arroz a banda

More typical dishes of Murcia? The Meatloaf. We have already said that the pastry shops in Murcia They are not just sweets, and it is because in almost all of them you will find the meat pie: a puff pastry stuffed with beef, chorizo and boiled egg. We became so fond of ourselves that we took a pair home.

Nor can we miss the opportunity to try tapas in Murcia, a traditional way of eating with friends. And, among the tapas, the sailor. On a bread doughnut place a little salad and an anchovy. A classic in the bars of the bars of Murcia, accompanied by its “versions”: marriage, with an anchovy and a anchovy; Sailor skewer, with only a anchovy, and bicycle, only with salad.

Where to eat in Murcia Bar Los Zagales Marinera
Marinera de Los Zagales

There is also a classic sweet to eat in Murcia:the paparajotes. A lemon leaf covered with a dough of flour, milk and egg, fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Keep in mind that the lemon leaf is not eaten – it is the way that Murcians have to detect tourists. Only the dough is eaten and the leaf is sucked.

Where to eat in Murcia Bar Los Zagales Paparajote
The typical paparajote, with the lemon leaf in sight

Where to eat in Murcia: recommended restaurants

You know what to eat, now you have to discover where to eat in Murcia capital. We are not going to tell you to do the research we did, that for that we completed the work first. In addition, we can assure you “first mouth” that you will enjoy with our recommendation of places to eat in Murcia. Eating in the center of Murcia, because, going sightseeing, neither You’re going out of the monumental area to eat, right?

Alborada Restaurant: charming restaurant with Michelin recommendation

We start with a restaurant recommended by the Michelin Guide in Murciathe Restaurant Alborada. Not only the French guide, with a Bib Gourmand, also has a Sol Repsol. Elegant, careful and with a quality beyond doubt. It was our first contact with gastronomy in the city and we could not have chosen better. Of course, we were on the safe side. Market cuisine, traditional but with touches of innovation by the hand of David Muñoz – not to be confused with the Madrid-born Dabiz Muñoz.

Where to eat in Murcia Restaurant Alborada Croquette
Creamy ham croquette

From the octopus baked, the Croquettes creamy ham and stuffed potato of creamy boletus and foie that served as starters to desserts, fried milk flambéed and cheesecake In the oven, we do not stop enjoying. But the jewel in the crown was the Arroz a banda –which we had ordered when booking–. I have already said that vegetables and I… But there is also a Traditional Murcian rice with vegetables. Hearty, careful and delicious dishes at a very correct price. What more could you ask for?

Where to eat in Murcia Restaurant Alborada Fried milk
Fried milk flambé

Address: Andres Baquero, 15
Price: About 35 € per person, with water. They also have menu of the day for € 15 at the bar and € 20 in the dining room.

PuraCepa: romantic restaurant with creative tapas also Michelin

After the success of the first Michelin recommendation, we decided to continue paying attention to Bibendum – which is the name of the Michelin doll – and the Repsol Guide. We approach the restaurant PuraCepa On our last meal to kill two birds with one stone: try the Murcia tapas with a creative twist in a restaurant with Romantic atmosphere. Okay, it’s not that we’re very romantic, but it all adds up.

Where to eat in Murcia Restaurant PuraCepa Patata Brava Albondiguita
Patatas bravas and albondiguitas

Have Various tasting menus with between six and seven tapas plus two mini desserts and also a menu. We wanted to try everything and, taking advantage of the fact that there were not many people and that they allowed us, we ordered a tasting menu and tapas from the menu – normally the menus are full table, but ask just in case. On the menu there were croquette red shrimp, saan of chato bacon, belly of tuna with tomato, patatas bravas and albondiguitas, wok Mushrooms, asparagus and prawns and Angus mini burger. From the chop croquette menu, octopus with lemon and pepper, roasted potatoes and butter with blue cheese and a montadito of sirloin of cow with foie. We left rolling and delighted with the food.

Where to eat in Murcia Restaurant PuraCepa Wok
Mushroom, asparagus and prawn wok

Address: Plaza Cristo del Rescate, 8
Price: Less than 25 € per person, with water.

Los Zagales: typical and cheap food in Murcia near the cathedral

Do not go to think that the recommendations of our guide on traditional places to eat in Murcia They don’t also have their fame. He told us about The Zagales And that confirmed our idea of trying it. We had discovered it before thanks to his Solete Repsol. In addition, it is a step away from the cathedral, it has history to give and take –opened in 1926– and it’s very cheap. A success that was confirmed when we tried their food.

Where to eat in Murcia Bar Los Zagales Zarangollo

And what did we eat? Well, being in one of the bars with more history, we could not stop trying the Traditional food With their usual recipes: Broth with ball -another classic to eat in Murcia-, sailor, Zarangollo and raincoat –battered blue whiting–. In addition to a menu – for € 10 – with tripe with chickpeas First, pork ribs of second and Paparajote for dessert. More traditional could not be and more good could not be, besides very cheap. Come before the rush hour of eating, stop by around 13:30, because we assure you that the place, although not very small, is filled to the flag. And no wonder.

Where to eat in Murcia Bar Los Zagales Caldo Pelota
Broth with ball

Address: Pole of Medina, 4
Price: Both with water, about 20 €. There is a menu of the day for 10 €.

Pastelería Bonache: the most famous meatloaf in Murcia

Between restaurant and restaurant in Murcia We also had time to try the Meatloaf The most famous of the city, that of the Bonache Pastry. Biting the puff pastry and finding yourself with a filling of the most forceful is priceless, in addition, if they heat it to eat at the moment as they did to us, it only remains to release a tear of emotion. The Bonache is a must to eat in Murcia. They have been preparing their Meat pies according to family tradition since 1828 And the pastry shop is still in the hands of the same family about to turn two centuries.

Where to eat in Murcia Pasteleria Bonache Cuerno Merengue
Meringue horns from Pastelería Bonache

But don’t just stick with meatloaf: dumplings, quiches and, of course, cakes, buns and pies. It will be difficult for you to choose between so much delight. We also tested the meringue hornone typical sweet of Murcia.

Address: Plaza de las Flores, 8
Price: 3,50 € meatloaf.

La Peladilla Confectionery and its Cierva cake

We have said that there are not only sweets in the Murcian pastry shops and confectioneries, in fact, in many of them there is even a bar and beer is served – as in the Zaher pastry shop that we were also recommended, but we did not try. This is not the case with Bonache, nor with the Confectionery La Peladilla. Here – well, in its original location in San Javier, opened in 1902 – the Cierva cake And don’t think it’s because of its main ingredient. The story goes that the first person who tried them was Juan de la Cierva – the father of the inventor of the gyroplane – and that, he liked them so much, that every time he returned to Murcia he asked for them. Over time, the cake stuck with his name. Do not look for deer meat inside, what you will find in the filling of the sweet dough is chicken and hard-boiled egg.

Where to eat in Murcia Confectionery La Peladilla Pastel Cierva
Cierva Cake

Of course, there are also Meatloaf and meringue horn, plus dumplings and more sweet and savory treats.

Address: San Antonio, 1
Price: 2,70 € the small Cierva cake.

You better tour the city of Murcia from top to bottom and from bottom to top several times if you want to burn a little of what you are going to eat. But everything is so good that… The diet, on the way back.

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