Tips for traveling with contact lenses

In this post we are going to give you the best tips for traveling with contact lenses. A quick guide to help you prepare and organize your trip or weekend getaway without worries and thus take care of your eyes in the best possible way. There are many online contact lens stores that give us great advice for this, such as

Prepare your travel kit with contact lenses

Remember to prepare the travel bag with contact lenses in advance to avoid problems on arrival that are difficult to solve. It is important to always carry spare contact lenses, two holderentillas, artificial tears and enough liquid to clean them. If you have glasses also wear them, keep in mind that if for some reason you catch an eye infection the glasses will solve your life even if you have not used it for a long time and or do not have your current prescription.

Contact lenses on the beach

If we are going to go to the beach or the pool and we have to wear glasses or contact lenses, and we do not want to bathe with limited vision. We have two options to put on contact lenses and swimming goggles on top to avoid the loss of contact lenses or any infection later if they are not washed properly. Or there is also already on the market the option of ordering prescription swimming goggles as a solution for the bathroom. There are for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Ereaga Beach – Getxo

Bring the documentation

If we were abroad or too far away and we have for any reason an accident and we need glasses or Contact lenses at a good price. Remember to bring the detailed information of the graduation, it will solve your life and you can get a replacement easily and simply.

Although as always it is best to carry spare glasses on your trips.

Contact lenses on airplanes

If you are going to take a plane and wear contact lenses, remember that you can carry the liquids in your hand luggage, but as long as they do not exceed 100 ml capacity. So you can choose to check the boat with the maintenance fluid and carry a small one. Many shops sell the big boat and a small travel boat. And you also have the option of carrying individual containers that you must store in a transparent plastic bag with closure.

Also remember to take your doorlet with you because in case of loss of the suitcases you will not have a place to leave them.


Carrying artificial tears

Depending on the destination you are going to, if the weather is very dry, your eyes may be easily irritated due to lack of humidity or also if it is desert you may have something inconvenient with the sand and it is not convenient to rub your eye. In these cases, carrying a container with artificial tears can solve your life.

Buy quality sunglasses

Although in any coastal store you will find sunglasses for all tastes. Sunglasses are not a complement to your clothes but in the summer months it is an essential object to take care of your eyesight. So before going to the beach, invest in approved quality sunglasses that cover the entire eye well, properly filter ultraviolet rays and have the appropriate degree of darkness for the use that is going to be given to them. Investing in your eyes is very important because there are many glasses but eyes you only have two.


And remember, that even if we are traveling and disconnect from the daily routine, it is very important that when the night comes dedicate a moment for the care and cleaning of the contact lenses.

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