Holafly eSIMs with unlimited data

The most comfortable way to have Internet connection when you travel is to buy a data plan for your mobile eSIM, tablet or Smartwatch. You won’t have to search for a physical SIM card at the destination or take out your own and you can buy the data plan for your eSIM from the comfort of your home sofa.

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And, while you’re at it, it’s even more comfortable to have a eSIM with unlimited data. Not only do you not have to worry about looking for a card, understanding who is selling it to you, comparing prices or putting it on your mobile, but you also do not have to worry about controlling your data consumption. You can use Whatsapp, check your email, find the best way to get to sites, share your travel experiences live on social networks, use your apps and do everything you want whenever you want.

We talk about the advantages of the eSIM with unlimited data and we give you a 5% discount on Holafly plans for being a reader of Salta Conmigo. Let it not be said that we do not make it easy for you and, in addition, cheaper!

Why get an eSIM with unlimited data on your travels

Now you know what is an eSIM:one chip integrated into mobile devices that has the same function as a physical SIM. Devices that have eSIM do not require a physical SIM card from a mobile operator to connect to their network. In fact, it is also called Virtual SIM because you only have to activate a plan on the eSIM. Goodbye to the physical and hello to the virtual!

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Why is eSIM the best way to connect on the go? Well, because, if you travel to a country without roaming Included in your contract, you’ll need to get a data plan that works at the destination – pay roaming It’s not an option, it’s very expensive. And getting a physical SIM is more cumbersome. Once at the destination, you will have to look for the different operators, compare their data plans, queue, take your SIM card out of your mobile – hoping not to lose it – and put the other one…

Come on, that Purchase a data plan for the eSIM before you go on a trip It’s faster and much easier.

  • The delivery is immediate: you buy online and have access to the data plan through a QR code that arrives by mail.
  • You don’t have to take out your physical SIM: you can decide which SIM to use and switch between them at any time. Of course, beware of making mistakes…
  • And as soon as you arrive at your destination, you will have an Internet connection And, in many cases, you’ll also be able to make calls within the plan.

And why buy an eSIM with unlimited data on your travels? Because, when you’re traveling, you use a lot more data than at home by connecting less to networks wifi. With an eSIM with no data limit you won’t have to worry about how many gigabytes you’re spending, just enjoy the ride.

Holafly eSIMs with unlimited data

If you are looking for a eSIM with unlimited data for USA, Mexico, UK, Egypt, Morocco, Andorra, Turkey, Canada, Switzerland or any tourist destination you can think of, a very good option is Holafly. This Spanish company sells eSIM data plans for a lot of destinations and, the best thing is that they are all with unlimited data. As we said, one less concern to not have to control the data you are spending.

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Another advantage of Holafly is that it has a 24h help service via Whatsapp. So, if you have a problem with your data plan at any time from any country, you can write to them there or through the chat of the web –connecting to a Wi-Fi network if you have not managed to activate your plan for somen reason, which should not happen–.

5% discount on Holafly

Good news: if you’re going to hire a Holafly unlimited data plan, we have a 5% discount For you. How to use it? There are two ways.

If you have not yet entered the Holafly website, click here and, when you reach “Checkout”, the text “JUMP with me” will automatically appear below the discount code box. In the subtotal you will see that the 5% discount will already be applied.

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If, on the other hand, you are already on the Holafly website, you have chosen your data plan and you are about to pay, you can use this discount code: SALTACONMIGO. You have to write it in the “Discount code” box, click on “Use” and the discount will be applied before paying.

How do I activate your Holafly unlimited data plan on the eSIM?

Before hiring any data plan for eSIM, you have to check that your mobile device is compatible with eSIM. In the web from Holafly you can know which ones they are. The iPhone from the XR, the Samsung Galaxy from the S20, the Huawei from the P40, etc.

The following will be choose and buy the unlimited data plan for your eSIM with Holafly. When you do this, you will receive by mail a QR code that you will need to activate it.

Very important: to activate the data plan, you first need to install the eSIM and to install the eSIM, you need an Internet connection. To activate the data plan, you will no longer need a connection, but some phones, at the time of installing the eSIM, activate the data plan directly. That’s why it’s it is recommended to install the eSIM shortly before leaving on a trip. You can also do it at the destination – which can take many hours to reach some – just remember that you will need wifi, for example the airport or the hotel.

All the doubts you have, you know: Holafly has a 24-hour assistance service.

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No more getting lost while traveling, as soon as you get off the plane you can use Google Maps to find the best way to get to the center. And, you’ll also be able to make your friends envious by posting whatever you want without worrying about how much data you’re spending.

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