Christmas plans in Warsaw: Christmas markets and much more

If you are thinking of a “white Christmas”, we have a proposal that you can not refuse: spend the Christmas in Warsaw. In the capital of Poland there are Christmas markets, there is no shortage of shows of Lights and sound And, of course, you will find Ice rinks in which to skate in very good company.

Jumping at the entrance of the flea market in Warsaw’s Old Market Square

What else awaits you in Warsaw at Christmas? Typical food, which you will also find in the Christmas markets. From mulled wine to chocolate, also hot, through cheeses, sausages, sweets … In addition, what better time than the cold of winter to enjoy as you deserve a good dish of the Polish soup par excellence, the żurek?

Put on a few layers of warm clothes, put on some good boots and come to spend Christmas in Warsaw.


Enjoying Christmas in the Polish capital is fine, but be sure to take a look at our article What to see in Warsaw to complete the journey.

Try the typical food of the Christmas markets in Warsaw

We are lovers of Polish food – since you are thinking of spending Christmas in the capital, check out our restaurants where to eat in Warsaw Recommended – and we have to say that typical dishes get along better with the cold of winter.

Christmas Warsaw Market Square Old Market
Market stalls in the Old Market Square

And, having put it together, what better than to put together the gastronomy with the Christmas markets? There is more than one Christmas market in Warsaw. In the Surroundings of the Barbican you will find food stalls and Christmas gifts – you may even be able to deliver your letter to Santa Claus. Although the most famous, without a doubt, is that of the Old Market Square, surrounding the Little Mermaid. Of course, the largest Warsaw Christmas Market is in the vicinity of Hala Mirowska – we have to confess that we are not so far from the center, but we have read it on the Warsaw tourism page.

We can almost feel the smell of the Mulled mulled wineGrzaniec–of the Oscypek cheese grilled and meat on the grill, as we strolled among craft stalls and Christmas objects, from balls for the tree to wool sweaters with drawings of reindeer. To complete the picture, you will not stop hearing Polish Christmas carols. To the Christmas markets in Warsaw They do not lack a detail. Another Christmas gastronomic classic is gingerbread, which, we have to confess, we do not just fall in love with and we are not fans of ginger at all.

Where to eat in Warsaw Browar Warszawski Zurek
Christmas is the perfect time for a żurek

Get ready, the Markets in 2022 They are open from November 25 to January 6, you have time to approach.

  • You will have to stay overnight if you want to live the Christmas in Warsaw. We recommend these hotels, where we have slept on our trips to the Polish capital.

Ice skating in the Old Market Square

In the same Old Market Square, next to the Little Mermaid – literally surrounding her – is another of the strengths of the Christmas in Warsaw:the ice rink. The truth is that, with the cold in the Polish capital at that time, we are not surprised that there is an ice rink. The strange thing is that it has become popular in some cities in Spain, such as Madrid, with the expense that has to assume that it does not thaw.

Christmas Warsaw Market Square Old Skating Rink Day
The skating rink of the Old Market Square

Put on your skates and spin around the symbol of Warsaw par excellence. If you dare to skate in another of the most recognizable points of the capital, you can also do it in the surroundings of the Palace of Culture and Science. Both courts are freely accessible… But you better arrive already knowing how to skate, because they get quite full.

Museums in Warsaw Museum City View Market Square
The Old Market Square at Christmas from the viewpoint of the Warsaw Museum

Rincon Jump with Me

If you are not an ace of skates, you should take some time to look out at the Old Market Square from the viewpoint in the top floor of the Warsaw Museum. What’s more, you should take time to visit it for its collection, it is one of our Favorite Warsaw museums.

Enjoy the Christmas lights of the Royal Route

One of the Strong points of Christmas in Warsaw is your lighting. We have already said that it does not lack markets, but it will be – in our case, they were – the lights that will remain most engraved in your memory. Starting with those of the same Old Market Square, discreet, but friendly – forming a kind of tent on the ice rink – and ending with the Krakowskie Przedmieściethe first section of the Royal Route, fully illuminated. Without forgetting other streets of the center also decorated and the Castle Square.

Christmas Warsaw Royal Route Island Light
The Christmas lights of the Royal Route

Did you know…?

To give you an idea of how impressive Christmas lighting is in Warsaw, here’s a fact: the decorative elements used in 2019 online posts would have reached Vienna. We are talking about 1,300 and 680 kilometers! length.

In addition to the garlands that go from one side to the other of the first section of the Royal Route, you will also find “Illuminated parks” with carriages, trees, fountains, Santa Claus figures… created from lights. A real spectacle, which also lacks the Christmas carols.

Christmas Warsaw Royal Route Chopin Float
A float of light in front of the monument to Chopin

The Official ignition is planned for the December 4 And right now we tell you where you have to place yourself.

Take one and a thousand photos of the Christmas tree in the Plaza del Castillo

Where do you have to put yourself for the Turning on the lights? Well, for the ignition or at any time – in Warsaw, at Christmas, the sun sets so early that it is night almost all day. In the Castle Square. That’s where the gigantic Christmas tree of the city, where the great sets of light are and where, surely, you will find yourself Santa ringing his bell.

Christmas Warsaw Square Castle Tree Christmas
The Christmas tree in the Plaza del Castillo

We didn’t, but you can also See the square from above. From where? From the top of the Church of Santa Ana. It is assumed that you will get to see part of the Royal Route in addition to the square. Why don’t we go up? For lack of time and because they told us that they do not let us go up with cameras … Okay, we could have taken pictures with the mobile, besides that we are not sure that it is true that it cannot be uploaded with a camera. But, as the time was also right, we left it for another time.

Hallucinate with the Royal Garden of Lights of Wilanów and the Videomapping In the Palace

And since we have talked about one end of the Royal Route, the Plaza del Castillo, it is time to talk about the other. Do not go to believe that being about 10 km away from the castle – yes, the Royal Route has a length of about 10 km – the Wilanów Palace It does not also have lighting.

Christmas Warsaw Palace Wilanow Lights Garden
The lights in the palace garden

On the contrary. The Royal Garden of Wilanów Palace It’s a crazy thing. Crazy in a good way: Light and sound shows with the fountains of the park, lighting in the flowerbeds, floats and light carriages … There is even a Videomapping on the façade of the palace Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, in addition to November 11; 6, 25 and 26 December; 1 and 6 January, and 14 February. Last year the dates were from October 9 to February 27. This year, 2022, they are not yet published. Check out their web to have updated dates and times.

Christmas Warsaw Palace Wilanow Lights Walk
A path of light

Have a cup of Poland’s most famous chocolate

The mulled and spicy wine will be fine for those who like it, but it is not our case. We are more than chocolate also hot – we leave the churros for Madrid. In Warsaw we also enjoyed that pleasure in one of the many chocolate shops in the city. What chocolate? The E. Wedel chocolate, a classic chocolate shop in Warsaw, founded at mid-nineteenth century. Today they still make chocolate in their factory in the Prague district And they sell it in a few places both in the center and in the new city.

Christmas Warsaw Chocolateria Wedel
The chocolate shop E. Wedel

Our recommendation is to approach the local Szpitalna, 8, with its neoclassical décor and solid wood counter – well, it looks solid, we didn’t ask. In that place there was a candy factory before… Let it not be said that it is not greedy. On another trip to Warsaw we also visited the factory, where you can have a chocolate or eat a tablet, but it has less charm.

Attend the Christmas show at the Parque Multimedia de las Fuentes

We finished our Christmas walk in Warsaw with another sound and light show. In this case closer to the center, in the Las Fuentes Multimedia Park, next to the Vistula River.

What to See In Warsaw Multimedia Park Fountains
The Multimedia Park of the Fountains with Christmas decorations

Show there are every weekend from May to September, but on those dates it is only water, with jets that “dance” and draw shapes to the rhythm of the music. At Christmas, instead of jets of water – because of the cold – they are rays of light who are still “dancing”, but Christmas music. A tip, wrap up even more because the humidity of the river at Christmas gets through the bones.

Christmas Warsaw Square Castle VideoMapping
The Christmas tree in the Plaza del Castillo and a videomapping on the façade

You won’t get bored in Warsaw at Christmas. From lights to markets, through skating rinks or light and sound shows. Of course, remember to carry a good amount of warm clothes in your luggage, which is very cold in the Polish capital at that time.

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