4 museums in Bergamo worth visiting

Surely the first thing that comes to mind if you think of the Italian city of Bergamo is not its museums. It is famous for its funiculars, its narrow streets, its views, its churches, its wall… But, in case you have some time, we are going to talk about four museums in Bergamo which is worth visiting. Plus, you’ll find that those museums will give you access to some of the best panoramic views of the city.

The Campanone, above the Palazzo del Podestà, in Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo

An art gallery, museums dedicated to different historical moments of the city, a museum “hidden” underground … And some more suggestions in case you do not have our tastes.

Let it not be said that there is no museums in Bergamo for everyone!

The Accademia Carrara

If art galleries are your thing, the Bergamo Museum For you it is the Accademia Carrara. And it is that this gallery is one of the most important in Italy. The academy, art gallery and school of painting was founded by Count Giacomo Carrara back in the eighteenth century and today boasts a collection of about 1,900 paintings, as well as sculptures, medals, engravings … We advise you to stop for a moment before the video with its story before launching to visit its rooms.

Museums in Bergamo Accademia Carrara Hall
One of the rooms of the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo

In them you will find works by authors of the stature of Botticelli, Raphael or Canaletto. Some of our favorites – without being experts in art – are the Madonna and Child de Bellini, the Vir Dolorum by Botticelli, the Portrait of Lucina Brembati of Lotto and the Caterina Cornaro receives the announcement of her deposition of Hayez. Each of them surprised us for a different reason. If you go, see if you guess them. By the way, there are usually very interesting temporary exhibitions.

Museums in Bergamo Accademia Carrara Tesoro
The “jewels” of the collection

Check out the Prices and schedules of the Accademia Carrara in your web.

The Campanone and the Palazzo del Podestà

Whether you like museums or not, you have to go up to the Campanone: the tower of the Palazzo del Podestà which, with its almost 53 meters high, dominates the city. The views from the top of the tower are almost obligatory on a trip to Bergamo.

Museums in Bergamo Campanone Vista Basilica
Piazza Duomo from the top of the Campanone

Did you know…?

“Campanón” is the affectionate nickname given by the Bergamo people to the tower for its large bell, the largest in Lombardy – the Bergamo region. Every night at 22 h it is played, in memory of how it was done at the time when Bergamo was part of the Republic of Venice indicating the closing of the gates of the city. Some days of the year you can visit at night: it is the “Campanone by night“.

And what does the Campanone with the museums in Bergamo? Well, the climb to the tower also includes the entrance to the Palazzo del Podestà –or that the entrance to the Palazzo del Podestà It includes the climb to the tower, both mounts …–. A twelfth-century palace that, with the rule of the Republic of Venice in the fifteenth century, became the center of administration of justice in Bergamo. In the palace, in addition to admiring Renaissance frescoes, we soak up the history of Bergamo in the times of the Serenissima Republic of Venice thanks to the Cinquecento Museum –the sixteenth century–. It is not a must, but it is interesting and, as we said, the entrance is included with the ascent to the Campanone. You have all the information in your web.

Museums in Bergamo Palazzo Podesta Courtyard
Frescoes in the courtyard of Palazzo del Podestà

The Rocca

Other imprescindibl viewsare the ones we admire from the Rocca. A fourteenth-century fort that became part of the declared Venetian fortification UNESCO World Heritage Site. An incredible view over the upper city, the plain of Bergamo, the Pre-Alps in the background…

Museums in Bergamo Rocca Views
The view of Bergamo from the walls of the Rocca

In addition to views, La Rocca is home to another of Bergamo’s museums: the Museo dell’Ottocento. Here we talk about the Bergamo of the nineteenth century, the times of the unification of Italy, with Garibaldi and the expedition of the thousand. Of course, it is all in Italian and the theme is also very for Italians, so we recommend it only for those who are very interested in the subject. In this case, you can buy the ticket separately, only for the views.

Museums in Bergamo Rocca Ottocento Hall Museum
A room of the Museo dell’Ottocento in La Rocca

As the Cinquecento Museumthe Museo dell’Ottocento It is part of the Museo delle Storie di Bergamo, Museum of Stories of Bergamo. In his web You have information about schedules and prices.

The Museum and treasure of the cathedral

In the Piazza Duomo Three other jewels of religious architecture take the spotlight away from the building that gives its name to the square, the Duomo o Cathedral of San Alejandro. Those three jewels are the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Colleoni chapel and the baptistery. And they have so much prominence that many tourists may not even set foot in the cathedral. Error! The visit to the cathedral is also worthwhile, but a surprise awaits you under it…

Museums in Bergamo Treasure Museum Cathedral Site
The archaeological site under Bergamo Cathedral

We talk about the Museum and treasure of the cathedral, another of the museums in Bergamo that we recommend. It opened in 2012 after an eight-year campaign of excavations under the cathedral, in the oldest area of Bergamo, inhabited since the tenth century BC. A trip to the past with stopovers: the remains of the Renaissance cathedral appeared, but also of the previous Romanesque, of the primitive church of San Vicente Martir of the fifth century and even of the Roman quarter that stood here, next to the forum. The most spectacular? The frescoes of the church of the thirteenth century.

Museums in Bergamo Treasure Museum Cathedral Frescoes Site
The frescoes of the church of the thirteenth century

You can see the information of prices and schedules of the museum in its web.

Other museums in Bergamo

Depending on your tastes and the time you have, you might be interested in visiting others museums in Bergamo. We mention some more.

Museums in Bergamo Torre dei Caduti
The Torre dei Caduti
Museums in Bergamo Convent San Francisco Frescoes
Frescoes of the Convent of San Francisco
  • The other three venues of the Museo delle Storie di Bergamo. There is a joint ticket for all venues, the Museo delle Storie All in one, for 12 euros.
    • The Donizettian Museum, dedicated to the Bergamo composer Donizetti.
    • The Torre dei Caduti, in the lower town, the tower dedicated to the fallen in the First World War, with a museum about modern Bergamo and a panoramic terrace – unfortunately, it is only open on weekends, so we could not enter.
    • The Convent of San Francisco, with the Sestini Museum of Photography. This is the only one of the “extra” museums that we visited, for its frescoes and for the interest, in particular of JAAC, for photography.
Museums in Bergamo Campanone Vista Citta Piu Alta
The città più alta from the top of the tower

Make some time for Bergamo’s museums, you won’t regret it.

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